The Erne Packet 1844.

The Erne Packet Thursday January 4th 1844.

Tea Meeting – In Inishmore School-house the Wesleyan Methodist Society held a soiree on Friday night last, the intention of which was to add to the missionary fund, that the lamp of life might be sent to shine through the dark regions of the earth, to dispel the clouds which satanic influence had, cast around that they might see the futility of the Gods of India, and the Idols of Africa, with the imaginary virtues of the water rivers in which mothers plunge their living infants into the open jaws of the crocodile to appease the wroth of a supposed Deity, and to substitute in their place the simplicity of the gospel and the worship of the one living and true God. Merry hearts and glad  faces were the characteristic features which the meeting wore and the ladies heightened the pleasures of the evening by their beverage being of the best quality, and their attention in suiting it to the different palates of each. Nothing can be more delightful than these, meetings — first, while it unites friends in affection and love to each other, it again serves the all-important purpose assisting in sending the everlastings gospel to the benighted heathens of all parts of the world. After tea the Rev. Mr. Pratt was called to the chair, and when he had expatiated on the honours done to him by calling him to fill such an elevated position which he felt himself so incapable of occupying, he then spoke of the importance of missionary exertions from the circumstances of the case being of an all-important nature, as their eternal interests are concerned and the redemption of souls. When he had resumed his seat the Rev. Mr. Burn was called on to speak—the warmth and zeal of his manner, and the anecdotes, which he told being so appropriate added greatly to the good feeling which prevailed throughout the meeting. The speakers following were the Rev. Mr. Derby and the Rev. Mr Mulloy Wesleyan Ministers. We refrain from saying anything of what they said as description would fail to give any idea of the abilities and talent which they displayed on the occasion. At 10 o’clock the meeting separated all well pleated with the pleasures of the evening and the information they received—(Communicated)

MASONIC FESTIVAL. Yesterday week being St. John’s day, the members of the Enniskillen Masonic Lodge No. 891, dined together, the Worshipful Master in the chair. After the cloth was removed the usual constitutional and masonic toasts were drank, and the evening was passed in the most happy and respectable manner.

MILITARY. Friday last, a party of the 60th Rifles stationed at Cavan, escorted a large quantity of ammunition into this garrison, which left Dublin five or six days previous. This and Charlemont’s magazines are, we believe, the only two in the northern district  from which the Constabulary and Military stations are supplied.

FIRMANAGH FARMING  SOCIETY;—We are sorry to learn that five or six gentlemen of the county have ceased membership with this most useful society. Although most of them; if not all, are we, are aware, connected with branch societies in their respective baronies or districts, we regret they have not seen the necessity of supporting the Parent institution from which evidently so much good has emanated.

THE WEATHER. — The almost unprecedented soft weather we have had during the Christmas changed to a smart frost on Monday, which continued to yesterday evening, when thaw and rain set in.

CHARITY. The Hon. and Rev. J. C. Maude; has received £1 0s 6d in fines levied at Petit Sessions, viz: — 14s. 6d for the poor of Enniskillen, and 6s for the county Infirmary.

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