Fermanagh in January 1905 – nearly 100 years ago.

Fermanagh in January 1905 – nearly 100 years ago in a recently established local newspaper.

Fermanagh Herald and Monaghan News.1905. Price One Penny.

January 7th 1905. LISNASKEA CHILDREN SENT TO AN INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL. At the Lisnaskea petty sessions on Saturday, Mr. J. Gray, R.M., presiding Head Constable McKinney applied to have two little girls named O’Neill committed to the Monaghan Female Industrial School.

B. L. Winslow, solicitor, appeared on behalf of the mother of the children. It appeared that the mother of the children had just completed a term of imprisonment, and her husband was at present in jail. When the parents were sent to jail the children were taken to the workhouse, where they had been for the previous three months. Mr. Winslow submitted that the magistrates had no jurisdiction to send these children from the workhouse to an industrial school. The mother of the children implored the magistrates not to send them away from her. The majority of the bench decided to send the children to an Industrial School, and Mr. Winslow asked to have a poll of the magistrates mentioning that he intended to apply for a certiorari in the Superior Courts. The voting was as follows: — For sending the children to an industrial school—Messrs. Mulligan, Murphy, Mc Caffery, Tierney, and O’Donnell—5. Against  — The Chairman, Major Haire, Messrs. Arnold and Henderson —  4. The order was accordingly made, the mother of the children crying bitterly.

January 7th 1905. NEW YEAR’S EVE IN ENNISKILLEN. The New Year was ushered in in Enniskillen in the customary manner. When the shops had closed the Enniskillen Grattan Band and Protestant Band alternately paraded the town playing lively airs. Large numbers remained until after midnight on the streets where the best of good humour prevailed. For some time mutual felicitations could be heard on all sides, after which the crowds dispersed and the streets were soon quite deserted.

January 7th 1905. Boating accident on Lough Erne. On Saturday afternoon a boating mishap occurred on Lough Erne. A boat, in which there were five men of the Inniskilling Fusiliers, capsized a little below the Convent grounds, Enniskillen and the occupants were immersed in the river. Some of the men were able to swim ashore, and the others assisted themselves with the aid of an oar to the bank. The men were not apparently much the worse for their involuntary bath.

January 7th 1905. ENTERTAINMENT IN ENNISKILLEN WORKHOUSE. At the meeting of the Enniskillen Board of Guardians on Tuesday, Mr. H. R. Lindsay, J.P. (chairman) preceding, the master, Mr. Thos. N. Gamble, reported:—“On Wednesday last, 20th December, an excellent dinner of roast beef and ham was given to the inmates from funds remaining on hands after the entertainment given last year. Mrs. Humphreys and Mrs. Lindsay were unable to come, and no person connected with the board or workhouse attended to assist in any way but four gentlemen from the town: Messrs. R. W. Wilson, R Ross, F Thorpe, and J. Stewart kindly came over and carved the meat, and gave great assistance in distributing it to the inmates, who enjoyed it greatly. It is proposed by several ladies and gentlemen (with the permission of the board of guardians) to give a treat to the inmates this evening. Tea, rich cake, buns, apples, sweets, tobacco, etc. will be given in the afternoon to be followed by a concert.

On the motion of Mr. Thos. Elliott, seconded by Mr. E. Corrigan, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the gentlemen who had assisted at the dinner, and to the ladies, and gentlemen who intended to give an entertainment to the inmates that evening.

January 14th 1905. NOTES. Eggs are being sold in the Kinawley District at 8d per lb.

An inmate of Ballyshannon Union Workhouse, named Roughan, died on Sunday morning, after at least fifty years’ sojourn in that institution. Over twenty-fire years ago he was placed in the dead house as a corpse, and frightened another inmate who was working round the mortuary by sitting up in his shroud on the rude table where the dead are placed.

One of the difficulties facing creamery managers in Ulster, and probably elsewhere in Ireland, is the cost of cartage of milk from the farmsteads to the creameries. The individual supply of the majority of small farmers is not sufficient to induce them to cart their own milk, and, on the other hand, the tax of ¼ per gallon is not sufficient remuneration for man and horse even in the times of the greatest supply of milk. As a result of this many Co-operative Societies are considering the advisability of ceasing the carting system, and compromises between competing creameries have been and are being arranged with this end.

January 28th 1905. LICENSING BUSINESS. Transfers of licences were granted to James Armstrong, Main Street, Kesh, and Thomas Daly, Belleek (ancestor of Bishop Daly of Derry of Bloody Sunday fame). The applications were supported by Mr. W. B. Allingham and Mr. Michael Maguire (Ballyshannon) respectively.

January 28th 1905. As a result of representations made to the War Office, Mr. James Mc Manus, Dame St., Enniskillen has been awarded a pension dating from 1st January last of 9 pence a day for life in recognition for his services to the Empire. Mr. Mc Manus served in the 27th Inniskillings and was one of the 200 men who sailed on the ill-fated Charlotte for the Indian Mutiny. The vessel it will be remembered was shipwrecked in Delagoa Bay and only 60 men were saved of which he was one. After the survivors were landed in India, Mr. Mc Manus saw considerable service there and was in some engagements but was eventually invalided home. He has the Indian Service Medal and treasured it faithfully ever since he received it.

January 28th 1905. Mr. Payne Seddon, proprietor of the Derry Opera House was on a train running to Loughborough, joining express at Stranraer and was asleep in the last coach one night last week when an accident occurred and he was thrown to the floor The first thing he heard was someone shouting—“Run along the line and stop the express.” The coaches were ablaze in a few minutes. Mr. Seddon assisted lads named Kinnock from the train – one boy being found quite dead. Mr. Payne Seddon is well and favourably known in Enniskillen, and his theatrical companies have often times entertained local audiences.

January 28th 1905. Enniskillen Brewery. This old-established Brewery and Mineral Water Factory is about to be taken over by Mr. Mc Donagh (present manager) from Messrs Downes , who are retiring from the business after many years of successful trading. Mr Mc Donagh, who has had a long experience in the management of both branches, had secured the whole concern at less than half selling market price, and has in hands the formation of a private limited liability company to work it. The proposed capital is £10,000 divided into £1 shares, payable as follows: – 5s per share on application, 5s on allotment, and 10s in six months from the date of allotment. The brewery has been pronounced to be one of the most up-to-date of its size in Ireland and the premises and plant are in perfect order.

January 28th 1905. Enniskillen Jail. Arrangements have been completed for the transfer of Enniskillen Prison to Fermanagh County Council. At a meeting of the body on Friday the Chairman, Mr J. Jordan, M.P. remarked that it showed the country was in a peaceable state when the Prison Authorities could close the Jail and hand it over to the County Council; and Mr. H. R. Lindsay said he remembered seeing sixty suspects in it.

The site of part of the Jail which was built in recent years covers a portion of what was formerly a “commons” in which were found buried remains of the “gads” with which criminals had been hanged. The late Barney Bannon a respectable storehouse of local traditions, always asserted that Fermanagh men had a decided objection to being hanged with a rope. They preferred an osier gad.

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  1. Michele Livesey says:

    Find the sea articles fascinating.

    Looking for relatives – Morrrow’s (Ballyshannon) and Caulfield’s (Fivemiletown) – Enniskillen Fusillers and Fermangh.

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