Fermanagh Crime 1839.

July 25th 1839.  ENNISKILLEN PROSTITUTION. Owing to the highly creditable exertions of George Speare Esq., Senior magistrate, three of those unfortunate females who have so frequently disturbed and annoyed the peaceable and well-disposed inhabitants of this town and neighbourhood were brought at our last assizes before Judge Torrens; tried and convicted under the vagrant act of being idle, dissolute characters – having no settled place of residence.  They were each sentenced to three months imprisonment – to give a bail at the end of that time, themselves in £10.00 each and two sureties in £5.00 each; to be of the peace and good behaviour to her Majesty’s subjects, in default of which to be transported for seven years.  The example set by this respectable gentleman cannot be too highly appreciated, in endeavouring to free our town and suburbs from the gross scenes of obscenity and drunkenness constantly practised by groups of depraved females who infest and prowl about the streets, seducing others of their own sex and gathering to themselves kindred spirits of iniquity which we exceedingly regret cannot be apprehended. It gives us pleasure to learn that it is this gentleman’s determination to cause such characters to be taken up from time to time, and lodged in gaol want and disposed of at next quarter sessions or assizes.

August 9th 1839. Farmers should see that their servants would not leave home unprovided with double reins to their horses. It is an infraction of the law, for which the police had several persons fined at Petty Sessions on Monday last.

August 9th 1839. On Monaghan Assizes, John Meehan was found guilty of rape on the person of Anne Hughes. Sentence of death was recorded.

September 5th 1839. A MOST DIABOLICAL ACT was committed on the lands of Mullaneeny, barony of Knockninny, sometimes since by cutting off the tails of three cows, the property of Francis Maguire, a tenant of Mr Creighton’s property. A large reward has been offered for the discovery and apprehension of the misguided persons who committed the offence. The only cause suspected for the wanton outrage, is that of paying his rent before his neighbours!!

October 10th 1839. One of the most extraordinary species of theft was committed on the Rev. James Sheil, P.P. of Enniskillen a few nights since. In a field near Castlecoole, the Rev. Gentleman had a quantity of wheat in stooks, and some person or persons unknown carried off several sheaves out of many of them.

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