The Enniskillen 100 Motorcycle Race.

The Enniskillen 100 Motorcycle Race. This race took place in Fermanagh from c1928 to 1954. It is hoped to revive the concept of the race as a family event on August 25th 2012 in the confines of St. Angelo Airfield, Enniskillen. Its most impressive winner has to be K. P. Farlow of Maguiresbridge in 1936.

July 2nd 1936. MOTOR CYCLING. ENNISKILLEN ‘ 100.’ Rider With Artificial Leg Wins.

Riding a 348 Velocette, K. P. Farlow, Maguiresbridge, on 24th ult., won the 100 miles road race held under the auspices of the Enniskillen and District Motor Club over the Mossfield-Sydare-Ballinamallard circuit. His average speed for the race was 59.49 miles per hour. Farlow’s win—a, popular one—was all the more remarkable because of the fact that it was his first race, and that he wears an artificial leg, having lost a leg some years ago in an accident. N. Todd, Dublin (490 Norton) was second with an average speed of 69.89 m.p.h., and Stanley Jeffers, Enniskillen, (349 Rudge) was third, his speed being 64.78 m.p.h.

Other placings were:—4, J. E. Little, Belfast (348 Velocette), 69.90 m.p.h. ; 5, E. Pepper, Belfast (490 Norton), 62.53 m.p.h. ; 6, J. Younge, Enniskillen (499 Rudge), 68.21 m.p.h.; 7, J. J. O’Neill, Dublin (348 Velocette), 67.80 m.p.h. ; 8, R. T. Hill,. Belfast (348 Levis), 57.54 m.p.h. ; 9, J. J. Brown, Belfast (249 O.K. Supreme), 56.56 m.p.h. ; 10, W. J. L. Mavitty, Enniskillen (249 B.S.A.) 49.74 m.p.h.; 11, A. J. M‘Coy, Dublin (249 Rudge), 55.36 m.p.h.

Todd completed the fastest lap at a speed of 71.89 m.p.h., but failed to beat the record of 75 m.p.h., set up last year by H. Taggart.

The class prizes were won as follows: — 500 c.c. (Residents’ Cap), won by Todd,, who also won the prize for the fastest lap. 350 c.c. (Enniskillen Motor Traders’ Cup) won by Little, who had also the fastest lap. 250 c.c. (Derby Cafe Cup), won by Brown. Fastest lap, McCoy.

Club prizes (confined to members of the Enniskillen Club of at least one year’s standing) were won as follows:—Ballinamallard Cup, Younge. Club Cup, Mavitty. President’s Cup, for best performance by a local rider, Jeffers.

The prize for the most meritorious performance was won by F. H. Stock, Belfast (490 Norton).

In the evening the prizes were distributed by Mr. Murphy, Dublin. Mr. Johnston, M.C.U., presided, and expressed the hope that the enthusiasm for the race would not wane. Mr. Murphy congratulated the Enniskillen Club on the very excellent measure of local support which the race had received, and also on being the promoters of the most richly endowed motor cycle race in Ireland.

Mr. A. M. Ovens and Mr. R. Nawn, secretary of the Enniskillen Club, also spoke, and thanks were returned to the competitors from a distance, Mr. J. E. Collum, H.M.L. (the President of the Club), and all who had helped make the race a success.



For the second successive year J. J. O’Neill, of Dublin, won the Enniskillen 100 miles motor cycle race over the Mossfield circuit. There were 23 starters and 12 finished- H. Taggart, of Belfast, created a new lap record for the course, attaining a speed of 74.75 m.p.h.,

He gave an amazing performance and was leading by nine seconds, and in second place in the last lap from O’Neill when his frame broke in front of the engine. Taggart finished second with his engine trailing the ground. Jackson, who had been leading until the last lap, crashed.

W. A. Murtagh, of Belfast, a non-starter, fractured an arm while riding to the race


J. O’Neill (348 Velocette), 71.77. 2, H. Taggart, Belfast (490 Norton) m.p.h. ; 3 M. McSorley, Omagh (249 Rudge) 66.27 m.p.h.


May 30th 1935. THE SPEED MANIA. LORD Newton, in the House of Lords on Thursday, voiced an opinion which is becoming stronger, that the present mania for speed should be discountenanced. The London penny papers have large headings to articles describing how A, B or C has managed to cover a mile or 100 miles in less time than another person, and whether it be in the air or on Florida beach or in the water there seems to be a perfect craze for urging people to incur the loss of their own lives and perhaps of others in a mania that as Lord Newton observed, “seemed incredibly foolish.” When Sir Malcolm Campbell had a fine imposed on him for excessive speed the Minister of Transport, Hore Belisha, at a public banquet, presented Sir Malcolm with the amount of the fine imposed on the delinquent; paying great deference to what is called a speed king. There are ovations accorded to racing motorists, and Lord Newton said he would prefer to reserve rewards for people who had a clean licence and who had not done any harm to anyone during the course of 10 or 20 years.

A new highway code was under consideration in the House, and suggestions were made regarding motor cyclists and the danger which resulted from carrying parcels on handlebars of cycles. Let us hope that these observations in the House of Lords will have some affect.


July 5th, 1934. MOTOR CYCLE RACE. The Enniskillen Motor Cycle Club yesterday had 28 entries, including some from the Free State. The race is composed of 16 laps of a circuit of miles, making the distance exactly 100 miles. The course is fairly flat triangular in plan, and resting on Ballinamallard, Sydare and Mossfield. The surface is excellent, and the only hazard is a small curvet just before the finishing line over which the competitors perform acrobatics in proportion to their speed. The record lap speed is two years old, having been put up by F, J. Drummond, 490 Norton, in 1932, at a speed of over 72 miles an hour.


July 5th, 1934. THE TALKIES. The picture, King Kong, coming to Enniskillen on Monday night next is an amazing feat of photography. We have seen nothing like it in Enniskillen heretofore. It is truly ‘wonder picture.’


July 5th, 1934. OBSCURING LOUGH ERNE. Whoever is responsible for the cutting of the hedge along the Northern side of the Lough Erne shore road, should see that next year this hedge is cut early in the season. We have received a number of complaints from visitors who have motored from Belleek to Enniskillen along this beautiful road by the foot of Magho mountain to get a view, of Lough Erne, and all they can see for a good portion of the way is a hedge. This hedge can be cut down to three feet at most, and give an uninterrupted view of lake. We try to praise Fermanagh and its beauty spots, and at the same time blot the loveliest of them all out from view.


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