On Wednesday 1st, inst Margaret McCarron, an old beggar woman aged about 60, living in a cabin in Derryard, near Rosslea, in this county  was found bar­barously murdered with her throat cut from her ear to ear. The door of her house was observed locked on Sun­day, no notice was taken of it, it being of frequent occurrence during her absence collecting alms and probably the horrid deed would remain longer before being discovered but that some children who were playing near the house peeped through the key-hole and observed blood on the ground and having mentioned the circumstance to the neighbours, the door was immediately broken in, when the horrid deed was revealed to them. A box was lying near the body broken open supposed in search of money, which, it was believed; the deceased had, and was the motive for the deed.

A correspondent writes— An inquest was held at Derryard, on Thursday the second inst., by J. Armstrong, Esq., coroner, on the body of Margaret McCarron who was found dead in a cabin which she occupied alone. Her throat presented a frightful appearance, being cut so deeply as to remove part of the oesophagus. The verdict was “murdered by some person or persons at present unknown.” The only conceivable motive for the perpetration of this crime is the obtaining a little money, as it was known in the neighbourhood that deceased occasionally received a small remittance from a daughter in America.

Another Account.

There can be no doubt now but the above cruel and brutal murder was perpetrated in order that the assassin might possess himself of some five or six pounds which his unfortunate victim was known to possess, and which she usually carried in a small bag attached to a string around her neck and which she had only a short time previously received from the parish priest, who had it in charge. When the neighbours went to force open the door suspecting that all was not right the landlord, a farmer residing within 150 yards of the poor woman’s house, and from whom she rented the cabin at £1 per annum, prevented their doing so, stating that she was absent, and which was a very natural con­clusion to come to as the door was fastened on the outside with a padlock; but the neighbours, knowing well her punctual habits in returning each night would not be persuaded to desist, and consequently broke open the door, when the horrid sight of the mutilated body met their view. The case is still wrapt in mystery, but the local justice and constabulary are doing everything in their power to on ravel it.  At public meeting held at Rosslea the following resolutions were passed:-

Resolved—“That the members of this meeting look with the deepest indignation upon the brutal deed which has been perpetrated amongst us, and regard with the utmost horror the sad fate of a defenceless woman, and we pledge ourselves to see out with all the means at our disposal, the party or parties who have disgraced this neighbourhood for the first time with the barbarous crime of murder.”

Resolved – “That the thanks of this meeting be conveyed through Rev. Mr Murphy, to John Madden Esq., Rosslea Manor, for his indefatigable exertions as a magistrate in endeavouring to capture the murderer, and that he be made aware of our desire to cooperate for that object with him; and also for his kind consideration as a landlord in trying to vindicate the character of his tenantry for which he shows himself so interested by his words and acts.

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